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9/19/18 Pray for the parents, families and friends of Zachary Armontrout age 16 and Regan Moger age 16 who were killed Sunday night in an auto accident.

9/18/18 John needs your prayers! He needs financial help and wisdom. Please pray for him!

9/18/18 Please pray for Mary Kay who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently going through chemotherapy.

9/14/17 Prayers needed for Justin! His wife Jessica, age 27, died unexpectedly last night of a heart attack caused by a pulmonary embolism. Also pray for Jessica’s parents Bill and Johanna.

8/16/17 Please pray for Dan – man of 28 years old, recently diagnosed with bone cancer that has spread to his lungs. 9/14/17 He is now home; please continue to pray for him.

8/13/17 Ed is 89 years old today, in excellent health! Thank the Lord for watching over Ed all these years and for Ed’s faith in the Lord. We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with Ed!

7/19/17 Urgent prayers are needed for David of St. Ignace. He is a young man, in his twenties, who suffered a heart attack yesterday.  He has a wife and 3 small children. Currently he is in ICU.  Thank you for your prayers!!

4/22/17 Pray for Cindy who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She really needs our prayers!! 8/16/17 Cindy is doing well! Thank you for your prayers. She is now on a maintenance medication, so please keep praying for her!

5/18/17 Pray for Steven who needs help with spiritual warfare.

3/11/17 Pray for Dirk who is feeling disconnected from the Lord. Pray that he will be uplifted and assured of God’s promise to always be with us.

3/6/17 Thank you for our church meeting last night!

3/6/17 Please pray for Nina’s family who are mourning the tragic loss of her niece’s grandson.

2/27/17 RM had successful cataract surgery! And her respiratory problems continue to improve. Please pray a prayer of thanksgiving!

2/27/17 Matthew and his family need our prayers for a family issue.

2/27/17 Pray for our brother in Christ Glenn and his family. Glenn is near the end of life. Please pray for him and his family.

Continue to pray for RM. She’s getting better!  But she still needs our prayers for her respiratory illness.

Please pray for Brooke and Brianna — for spiritual and physical protection and that they would be led to a more God-centered life.

A man named John needs our prayers.

Jeannette needs your prayers.  She suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and recently lost her job.

A grandmother requested prayers for her grandchildren:  Fallon is going through a divorce and Emily needs prayers for obedience and healing from her accident.  She also requests prayers for her son John that he might achieve sobriety.

Please pray for the Mark Masters family who are grieving his death.

Pray for Peter, that he would come to know Jesus as his Savior and Lord, and that Peter would be able to come home soon.

God of life and love, You sent Your Son into our world of pain to love and teach us to love. Bring an end to all violence and lead us to honor and respect each other. Comfort those who mourn, those who are injured, and those whose lives are consumed with fear. Protect all our nation’s citizens from violence, both the civilians and law enforcement. Give all of them wisdom and courage in their vocations. Give us Your peace. In Jesus’s name. Amen

Please pray for Jeff and Erica.  They are in Armenia to adopt a little boy, Sam.  They hope to be bringing him home to the United States in a couple weeks.  Please pray that all the paperwork goes smoothly and they have safe travel home.

Pray for a person who has visited our webside.  Pray for spiritual protection and that God would send His angels to guard and protect.

D.H. is traveling to the San Diego area to visit her sister.  Please pray for safe travel and a wonderful reunion.
D.H. had a wonderful time with her sister and nieces and nephews.  She’s back home safely.

Please pray for R.M. who has influenza and a lung infection.  She’s out of the hospital, but is still recuperating at home.
R.M. is slowly recovering, but still needs our prayers.

Sherry is having surgery tomorrow.  We pray for a successful surgery.  May Sherry be very aware, dear Lord, that You are with her.
Surgery went well!  Thank you, Lord!  Please continue to pray for a smooth recovery.

Pray for healing for Dale.  Also pray that the Lord would strengthen his faith and bless him with an increase in wisdom and love.

Pray for Michael who is scheduled for back surgery in January.
Michael’s back surgery was very successful.  Thank you for your prayers!  The pain is gone and he’s back to work full time.  Praise to God!
Final doctor appointment today and all is healed!  Michael has no restrictions and can return to normal activities!  What a wonderful gift this is!

Pray for Florence who is having eye surgery due to glaucoma on November 18.
12/29/15  Continue to pray for Florence.  She is still having problems with her eyesight.  She is an Australian artist and her eyesight is very important for her work.

Pray for Jeff and Erica who are adopting a baby boy, Sam, this week.  Pray that they will have safe travel home from Armenia.  We rejoice with this family!
Jeff and Erica are in Armenia right now, waiting for the final papers.  They hope to bring Sam home to the United States later this month.  Please pray all goes smoothly!

Please pray that Victory can purchase property for a future church building!
Property was purchased!  Victory has 16 acres of property on U.S. Highway 2 just west of Manistique!

R needs our prayers!  She is in the hospital with pneumonia.  Please pray for her healing.
She is home from the hospital!  Thank you, Lord, for watching over our friend.

Pray for J who is struggling with kidney stones.  Please pray for her healing!

Pray for Lois that the doctor will be able to heal the trigger finger on her right hand.
6/7/15  Successful surgery!  Please pray that the physical therapy will go well
8/5/15  Physical therapy continues to improve the flexibility of her fingers.  Thank you for your prayers!

Pray for Jody and her family as they mourn the loss of her only brother.

Pray for R that she will recover soon from a respiratory infection.
R has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  Please pray for a good report from the doctor and for continued healing.
Complete healing!  Respiratory infection is gone.  Thank you, Lord, for healing our dear friend!

A 2nd grader asks for prayers for her dad who’s in the hospital and for her her mom too because she hears her crying sometimes because of worry.  Please pray with us!

“Dear Lord, I pray for comfort over my little friend’s mother, fill her spirit with strength and courage as she cares for her family. Lift up my little friend’s dad in your safe keeping. As always thank you for breaking my heart for what breaks yours, for this reminds me daily how truly blessed I am to know such Love. -Amen”

Praise God for seminarian Adam Peitsch who received a call to be a vicar at St. Lorenz Lutheran Church in Frankenmuth, Michigan!

Pray that D and L have a safe trip home.
D and L arrived home safely.  Thank you, Jesus!

Please pray that the Lord would send Victory Lutheran its own pastor soon.

Please pray for Sarah and her new baby. We thank the Lord for a safe delivery and pray for the baby’s continued good health.