Lutheran Trivia

Did you know . . . ?

Here are some little known facts about the important role Lutherans played in the history of the United States:

  1. Lutherans were in America seven years before the Pilgrims.
  2. The first book translated into any American Indian language was Luther’s Small Catechism.
  3. Our Statue of Liberty was made by French Lutheran, Frederic Bartholdi.
  4. It was a Lutheran boy who called a Lutheran sexton to ring the Liberty Bell.
  5. Michael Hilligas was the first treasurer of the United States and Frederick Muhlenberg was the first speaker of the House of Representatives, both Lutherans.
  6. The first “Stars and Stripes” was made by Sara Austin and the Ladies Aid Society of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Philadelphia; it is now in the National Museum in Washington, D.C.